Best Lego Castle Sets of 2022, 2023, and Beyond!


Do you have a child who is obsessed with Legos? If so, then I can help you find the perfect Lego set for them.

There are many different sets available to choose from, but this article will focus on the best castle sets that are available. These sets come in various sizes and themes, so there is something for everyone! The post includes pictures of some of the different castles and their prices.

Castles are so cool! They have knights, princesses, and even kings.

Did you know that Lego makes castles? LEGO makes quite a few different types of castle sets including medieval castles, Disney castles, and a Lego Hogwarts castle! All castles are cool but check out this huge LEGO castle!

Lego castles are a timeless classic loved by both children and adults alike. Whether you’re a Lego enthusiast or just starting, this article is for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will be ranking the top Lego castles from worst to best. Our list is based on several factors, including design, playability, and overall value.

What Makes a Great Lego Castle?

Before diving into the rankings, let’s first establish what makes a great Lego castle. A great Lego castle should have a solid design, be easily customizable, and have an excellent playability factor. It should be able to withstand rough play, and its pieces should be durable and easy to assemble. Additionally, the castle should be aesthetically pleasing and appeal to both children and adults.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our rankings of the top Lego castles.

Best LEGO Castle Sets

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#1 LEGO Kingdoms Outpost Attack (7948)

LEGO Kingdoms King's Castle 7946

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  • Defend the castle with the valiant King
  • Set includes 8 minifigures: King and 4 soldiers, 1 Dragon Knight and 2 Dragon Knight soldiers
  • King?s Castle features new wind-up front gate, tipping draw bridge and secret prison
  • Castle accessories include 2 small catapults, 1 large catapult, king?s throne, treasure chest and white horse
  • 933 LEGO pieces

With this Lego cast set, you can have epic battles with a working catapult and a huge watchtower! One of the watchtower walls can even be knocked over by the strong catapult. This set includes two mighty soldiers from the king’s army and one Dragon Knight soldier. You can create a medieval war in your own home.

Kids love Legos, but they can be hard to put together and take apart.

The Lego Kingdoms sets are a great way for kids to build their own kingdom complete with knights, dragons, and castles! These toys are compatible with other standard-sized Lego bricks so you can create your own kingdoms. They’re also easy enough that even younger children can play with them.

This set is the perfect gift for any child who loves building things or playing make-believe! It’s easy enough for young children to get started right away without help from adults, but it has plenty of pieces so older kids will have fun too. The castle walls really do fall down when hit by the catapult! Your kid will love this set whether they’re into medieval stories or just want something fun to build in their free time.

#2 LEGO Castle Tower Raid (7037)

LEGO Castle Tower Raid

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  • Swing the battering ram through the castle's wall to release the captured troll warrior
  • Pull the string on the rolling siege tower to extend the bridge to the castle, the rolling siege tower has two flick-fire and 2" wide wheels
  • The troll warrior tower is 8" (20cm) tall and 5" (13cm) wide; the castle tower is over 8½" (21cm) tall and 2½" (6cm) wide
  • Includes two knights and three troll warrior minifigures with armor and accessories
  • Contains 364 pieces

This Lego castle set is a crazy battle between the troll warriors and the king’s fierce Knights! With the trolls crazy 20 cm raid tower. This set has an amazing design from top to bottom. The knights even have a super cool jail that you can capture trolls in and win the battle!

Kids love to play with Legos, but parents hate the mess it makes.

With this set, you can play out all kinds of battles between knights and trolls without upsetting mom or dad because there is no glue required! This castle building kit comes with 2 minifigures (a king’s knight and a troll warrior), both of which are fully posable for great role-play fun. The King’s Knight has his sword drawn in battle while the Troll Warrior carries an axe that he uses to smash open the prison cell where he plans to lock up his enemy. You can also use your imagination to create lots more exciting action poses for these two figures.

With this Lego set, kids get all the fun of playing out dramatic scenes from their favorite stories about good versus evil…and parents don’t have to worry about making a mess when they’re done. It’s easy enough for younger children who are just starting to build things.

#3 LEGO Castle King’s Castle Siege (7094)

LEGO Castle King's Castle Siege

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as of December 2, 2023 5:12 am


  • From this mighty Castle, the good King rules over all he surveys - Help him defend the kingdom against the skeleton warriors and their mighty dragon!
  • Firing catapult flings boulders at evil attackers, and moveable walls within the castle help keep the knights safe
  • Moveable walls for multiple build and play scenarios, working drawbridge, firing catapults and boulders and Knock-Down bridge
  • Includes heroic king and knights, skeleton warriors and constructible dragon
  • 974 Pieces

This massive Lego castle set has 973 pieces and comes with 10 minifigs (king, knights, and skeleton warriors), 1 dragon, and 1 horse. You can create an amazing castle siege scene. Fire catapults at the skeleton warriors attacking the king’s castle. You can move the walls of the castle to build and play multiple scenarios.

Your kids love Legos, but they never want to stop playing with them.

This Lego castle set is the perfect gift for any kid that loves playing with Legos. It’s a great value for the price and has enough pieces to keep your kids busy building new scenarios for hours on end. There are 10 minifigs (king, knights, and skeleton warriors), 1 dragon, and 1 horse so you can create an amazing castle siege scene complete with catapults firing at the attacking skeletons. The walls of the castle can be moved around to build different scenarios so your child will never get bored of this fun toy.

Buy this Lego Castle Set today before it sells out or gets too expensive! You’ll have plenty of time to find other gifts after Christmas because there are still tons of sales happening now through December 25th. Don’t forget about free shipping offers from Amazon as well as holiday coupons that you can stack together for additional savings.

#4 LEGO Kingdoms Prison Tower Rescue (7947)

LEGO Kingdoms Prison Tower Rescue 7947

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as of December 2, 2023 5:12 am


  • Lego Kingdoms Castle 7947 Prison Tower Rescue

Capture the princess! With this Lego castle set, it is the king’s Knights versus the evil Dragon Knights. But the dragon knights have a heavily armed fortress with catapults, two soldiers, a secret treasure chest, a wind-up front gate, a hidden staircase, and the prison tower that the princess is trapped in! Could the mighty knights still save the princess with their brave warhorse and knights? We will never know unless you get this set and control the battle.

Every princess needs to be rescued, but it is hard work.

Knights can’t do everything by themselves! They need horses and they need help from the king’s army. But how are they going to get past the dragon knights’ fortress? It has a lot of moving parts that will make it hard for even an expert LEGO builder to figure out how to rescue the princess. Will this set have enough pieces?

This LEGO Kingdoms Prison Tower Rescue set comes with over 500 pieces, including 2 minifigures, 3 animals (1 horse and 2 birds), plus 7 other accessories. That way you’ll have all the tools you need to complete your mission-to save the kingdom from evil forces! You’ll also find a prison tower with an opening door and working catapult function along with 4 catapults on top of the castle walls-just watch out for those pesky birds flying around! With so many cool features in one set, we know you’re gonna love it!

#5 LEGO Castle Trolls’ Mountain Fortress (7097)

LEGO Castle Trolls' Mountain Fortress (7097)

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  • The castle is surrounded by spikes, spears and flames and includes many medieval weapons (shields, spiked clubs, swords)
  • Multiple firing catapults and exterior trolls’ quarters
  • Troll fortress dimensions: Length = 14 inches (35.6cm), Width = 10 inches (25.4cm), Height = 11 inches (27.9cm)
  • Includes horse and 10 minifigures (Good King, 3 knights, 2 giant trolls, Troll King, troll sorceress and 2 troll warriors)
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The evil Troll King has captured the king and taken him to his high mountain fortress. It’s up to you and your friends to rescue the king!

Defend yourself against trolls, bats, and other enemies as you try to reach the tower where the troll king is holding court. Use your catapult in an attempt to break through walls of rock that block your path, but be careful – if it breaks down, you’ll have no way out!

You can’t save a kingdom on your own – so team up with a friend or two for double the adventure! With 2 included LEGO® minifigures plus 2 more figures from popular series available separately, this set also includes 5 weapons and accessories for hours of role-play fun. And when playtime is over, rebuild it into a mighty dragon defender’s castle for even more battle fun!

#6 LEGO Kings Castle (70404)

LEGO Kings Castle (70404) (Discontinued by manufacturer)

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  • Features battering ram/catapult weapon, towers, prison, collapsing back wall, King's throne, knights' table, moveable staircase and hidden escape door
  • Weapons include spiked mace, 3 swords, axe, crossbow and a bow with quiver
  • Accessories include 2 shields and a treasure chest
  • Measures over 11" high, 13" wide and 12" deep
  • Battering ram/catapult weapon measures over 1" high, 3" long and 2" wide

The King’s Castle set is another great Lego castle that we recommend. The set has a beautiful design that includes a large castle gate, a drawbridge, and a portcullis. The castle’s interior features include a throne room, a treasure room, and a dungeon. The set also comes with an impressive collection of characters, including knights, soldiers, and the king himself.

This huge castle has all sorts of cool weapons and armor, like a battering ram, a catapult, an armored horse, four massive towers, and a super cool working drawbridge! It includes seven minifigures, a king, 3 of the king’s knights, and three evil knights! Try and steal the treasure and not get caught and put in prison!

Playing with the castle is fun, but it’s hard to get all of the characters and weapons into one place at once.

The LEGO King’s Castle is an epic set that lets you build a massive medieval fortress! It includes seven minifigures, including a king, three knights, and three evil knights! You can even try to steal the treasure from inside the castle by using its cool working drawbridge or firing off some ammo from its awesome catapult!

This huge LEGO set comes with everything you need for hours of creative building play—the King’s Castle has four massive towers, a battering ram, a catapult, and an armored horse. But there are also lots of secret rooms for storing your collection. And if anyone tries to attack your kingdom or steal your gold—don’t worry because this amazing fort features a super-cool working drawbridge!

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The biggest LEGO castle set is the newest LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle set with 6,020 pieces. It measures over 22 inches tall, 27 inches wide and 16 inches deep.

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The LEGO set with the most pieces is the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millenium Falcon (2017) at 7,541 pieces including 10 minifigures.

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Is Lego Castle discontinued?

There hasn’t been a set released in this theme for about five years now, but it looks like there will be a new one coming out next year called the “Castle Knights Kingdom” which – if nothing else – should tide some of us over until Legoland gets back to releasing sets.

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